Joan Miró

L'esquimo fiévreux (The Feverish Eskimo) (21/75), 1969
Lithograph in colors on linen mounted to Mandeure chiffon
34.50 x 23.50 in
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'L'esquimo fiévreux' original etching signed by the famed Surrealist painter and printmaker Joan Miró. By the 1960s, Miró was at the height of his career as an artist, and prints like this one show his prowess and confidence. The composition is constructed out of expressive black forms and lines, accented with primary and secondary colors – all the hallmarks of the artist. In this print, out of circles and gaps appear peering eyes, out of lines emerge heads and appendages. In the 1960s, following movements in painting such as Abstract Expressionism, the art world at large had adopted fully the automatism that was so central to the Surrealist movement. Prints such as this thus carry with them the Surrealism of Miró's early career, but also the sophistication and refinement of an artist who had been exploring and experimenting with these concepts for decades. L'esquimo fiévreux (The Feverish Eskimo), 1969 lithograph in colors on linen mounted to Mandeure chiffon published by Maeght Editeur, Paris 34.5 x 23.5 inches, canvas 40.5 x 29.25 inches, frame signed "Miró" in pencil, lower right edition 21/75 in pencil, lower left presented in a Spanish-style gilded wood moulding with 0.25-inch black liner and behind glass Ref: Mourlot 637