Deirdre Schanen

Born in Port Washington, Wisconsin, Schanen's work often avoids identifiable subject matter, instead emphasizing the atmosphere and texture of the painted surface.

Combined with emotionally-charged titles like 'The Finesse Of Reality' and others like 'All That Vast Yesterday' and 'Must This Be,' Schanen's work provides a deeply personal exploration of the intersection between artistry, process, and identity.

Deirdre Schanen: The Past Two Decades will be on display until January 21st 2022 


56 Years, 56 Artworks

The David Barnett Gallery is celebrating our 56th anniversary! This exhibition will feature works that represent the last fifty-six years of collecting local, national, and international artists – ranging from Joseph Rozman of Wisconsin to Colleen Madamombe of Zimbabwe. 

David Barnett began the gallery in 1966 with the goal of exhibiting the work of local graduate students, and then he expanded his mission with trips to collect artwork from around the US and around the world. The collection, which now includes more than six thousand artworks, has been the result of his passion, persistence and vision of the creative process.

56 Years, 56 Artworks will be on display starting January 21st, 2022 - April 21st, 2022