Gregory D. Steele

Autumn In Wisconsin, 2006
16 x 15.75 in
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"Autumn in Wisconsin" is a giclée print on board. It is based after the original oil painting by Gregory D. Steele. This fall forest view looks down a small road. The leaves have gathered showing the tire marks. The foliage on the ground is still green but the birch trees have turned orange.


Giclée Size: 16 x 15.75 
Frame Size: 18.75 x 18.75 in


Artist Bio:


Gregory Steele was born and raised in a small western Illinois town twelve miles from the Mississippi river. Since 1969, he has lived in Davenport, Iowa in view of the river. Both the River and the surrounding landscape has been a big influence on his art. At the age of 18, Steele became a professional artist as a cartoonist selling works to newspapers in northern Illinois, and later went on to become a freelance illustrator. In 1992 he began dropping commercial clients to devote more time to his passion for creating paintings. Steele uses both color and detail to create a depth that pulls one into the painting. His main objective is to create a four dimensional image on a two dimensional plane, giving the illusion that one can walk into the painting to see what is on the other side. Steele’s paintings often stir a memory of a place or an event in the life of the viewer.