David Barnett (American, b. 1946)

Beaver Lake Panorama w/Stargazer Lilies II, 2007
Mixed media giclee print
3.62 x 11.50 in
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Part of the artist’s ongoing illustrations of Beaver Lake, ‘Beaver Lake w/ Stargazer Lilies II’ is an original mixed media giclée print on watercolor paper, signed by the artist in the lower right. Against the slowly changing hues of Beaver Lake, the viewer observes as a field of flowers coalesce into richly-detailed groups and geometrical patterns. Like the flowers of Henri Matisse and Barnett’s mentor Schomer Lichtner, Barnett imagines the natural world as a site where patterns and repetitions emerge and develop over time. The intricacy of the composition encourages repeated viewings so that the flower is experienced individually and as part of a larger pattern. To emphasize their individual character, Barnett has added a gold ornament to several of the flowers, reusing the same pen he used to sign his signature. In addition to highlighting specific qualities unique to certain flowers, this ornamentation also acts as an extended signature. Mixed media giclée print 3.625 x 11.5 inches, artwork 9.6875 x 17. 875 inches, frame Signed in lower right Certain flowers are ornamented with gold ink from pen Framed to conservation standards using archival materials including 100 percent rag matting, UF5 Plexiglas to inhibit fading, and housed in a gold finish wood moulding.