Antonio Díaz Cortés

Brazilian Girl, 1969
Oil on canvas
30 x 24 in
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Antonio Diaz Cortes, a Mexican artist influenced by Pablo Picasso and Rufino Tamayo, employs the Cubist idiom to create a portrait with elements of pattern in Brazilian Girl of 1969. Unlike analytical Cubism, with its reduced palette, Cortes uses planes of color to represent the woman and the picture's background. Shades of blue, white, brown, and black make up the surface of the canvas, demarcating the girl's neck, face, and costume. The colored planes--primarily blue and white--are shaded arbitrarily to create a shallow, shimmering depth that surrounds the figure, thus creating an allover pattern that competes with the representation of the figure. The pattern collapses figure and ground; as in Matisse, and the work becomes a decorative surface.