Daniel Klewer

Burnt Orange Acorn, 2022
Acrylic on canvas
24 x 24 x 2.50 in
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"Burnt Orange Acorn" brings a feeling of wearing a warm sweater as fall settles in. This piece stands out against Daniel Klewer's other works as he has dulled the colors. As opposed to his normal bright and vibrant color choices. This piece evokes a sense of change and peace. It is the feeling of watching nature change around you. 

Artwork Size: 24"x24"
Framing options are available. Please leave us an inquiry if you would like to view them.

Artist Bio:

Daniel Klewer was born and raised in Milwaukee and studied art at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay before earning a Master of Arts in visual studies from Cardinal Stritch University. He is now based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Klewer is best known for his painting process, which over the years has evolved into him nearly doing away with the brush and implementing a non-traditional paint application. Daniel’s love of oil and acrylic paint is evident in his treatment of his abstract paint surfaces. He enjoys a meditative, sequential process where the spontaneity of the material is allowed to influence the direction of the work. The methodical approach Klewer uses results in paintings that resemble photocopies or blurred photographs, recalling not only the blurred and scraped work of Gerhard Richter, but also the screen prints of Pop Artists like Andy Warhol.