Fernand Cormon

Cite Lacustre (L'Estampe Moderne I), 1897
Estampe Original en coleurs, The L'Estampe moderne blindstamp bottom righthand corner
15.75 x 12 in
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"As long as the beginning of the rainy period was mild, we would reach the caves towards the end of July, but, making haste, employing all his days. There was no shortage of Vamireh: from dawn to twilight his vigorous hand turned the paddle. Unfortunately, damage occurred to his dugout and it was necessary to spend three days on a careful refit. Finally we took to the water again, the swollen river dyed with silt, was already overflowing its lowest banks, the current was more opposed; it was necessary to hold the coast; large floating trunks threatened and terrible algae tangles their skeins. Elem spent most of the day buried under the fur, in the stupor of the running water; rest was his main occupation. To take it, we moored the boat in some haven. Thanks to a supply of twigs put under cover, the fire was blazing enough to finish cooking a portion of elaphe, a palmipede, and a harpooned fish on the way."

By J. H. Rosny from Vamireh, Roman des temps primitifs.

Excerpt from a story by J. H. Rosny published in 1892. Title translates to Vamireh: Novel of Primitive Times