Wonder Mazhindu Bumhira- African (Shona)

Cobalt Bird, 2004
Sculpture, Cobalt
17 x 12 x 5.50 in
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'Cobalt Bird' is an original signed sculpture by the Zimbabwean artist Wonder Mazhindu Bumhira. Trained in the Shona carving tradition, Mazhindu often sculpts abstracted birds, as in this example. This sculpture is playfully interactive: Even though the bird has one body, there is a head carved on each side, asking the viewer to walk around to see it peeking back at them. At the same time as he is considering the viewer's interaction with the artwork, the sculptor is likewise displaying his skills as a sculptor. Cobalt stone is notoriously brittle, as well as rare, making it difficult to work with and to acquire. The efforts are however rewarding, as the polished stone reveals dramatic patterns of greens and blacks.

cobalt stone
17 x 12 x 5.5 inches
50 lbs
signed 'Wonder M.' along base

Overall good condition. Please contact us for a complete condition assessment.