Colleen Madamombe

Coming From the Fields (C-30), 2003
Sculpture, Black serpentine
10 x 8 x 9 in
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'Coming From the Fields' is an original black serpentine sculpture by the celebrated second generation Shona artist Colleen Madamombe. The sculpture presents a character common to Madamombe's work: a woman with a round face and wearing a billowing, layered dress. In this example, the woman holds a basket of fruit in her hands as she dances forward. Madamombe's larger themes of womanhood, sisterhood, and matrilineage come into play here, as she uses the woman as a symbol of the fertility of the harvest and of the earth. As is so desired of her work, this sculpture is a play in texture: their faces and hands are polished and smooth, which is juxtaposed with the rough-hewn surfaces of the clothing and hair. 

black serpentine
10 x 8 x 9 inches
Signed along the base on the reverse
Acquired directly from the artist (C-30)
Excellent condition with no chips or signs of wear