Wellington Karuru - African (Shona)

Dancing in the Wind, 2001
Sculpture, Opal serpentine
23 x 8 x 4.50 in
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'Dancing in the Wind' is an original opal serpentine sculpture by the Zimbabwean artist Wellington Karuru. The artist presents an elegant and curvilinear figure of a woman, her hair seeming to billow upward and behind her. The sculpture is on one hand a celebration of the stone material, and on the other it calls back to art historical precedent: her body is brought to a high polish, reflecting the softness of skin, while her hair is left rough-hewn to create the effect of the untamed wind. At the same time, the woman's body is highly stylized and emphasizes her hips and belly, recalling Paleolithic "Venus" sculptures like the lauded Venus of Willendorf and thusly ideas of maternity and womanhood.

opal stone (serpentine)
not signed
23" high x 8" at widest point x 4" at smallest point, sculpture
4"x4"x4", sculpture bottom
1 x 6 x 6 inches, base
Overall excellent condition with no signs of wear
Sculpture comes with base.