Kevin Knopp

Dried Flowers in Raku Vase, 2019
Oil on canvas
15 x 10 in
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"Dried Flowers in Raku Vase" is an original oil painting by the Wisconsin-based artist Kevin Knopp. Known for his lyrical landscapes and sensitive still life, influenced by what the artist calls, "the uncanny and overlooked in our ubiquitous everyday landscape." By the very nature of being complementary colors, the reds and greens are made all the more vivid when used in conjunction in this piece. The combination gives the painting an earthy tone and a sense of stability and grounding.

Initialed in lower left as well as signed, dated, and titled on the reverse.

Art: 15" x 10"
Frame: 16" x 11"
Frame designed and constructed by the artist. Raw maple float frame, constructed with splined miter joints, and contrasting paint in the interior to provide depth.

Knopp's work is heavily inspired by impressionism, both in technique and intent, using soft pastels colors and Plein air painting techniques as he attempts to capture "a particular event and emotional experience in time and space that is then hopefully conveyed to the viewer." Knopp has been quoted as saying "The surface of a painting or drawing conveys a visual perception of the space represented, I strive for the paint to dissolve as much as possible into a recreation of a visual experience on the surface of the work.” He mentions Mark Rothko as an example of another artist who has so much significance in the surface of his paintings.