Ernesto Gutierrez

El Guitarrista (The Guitarist), 2008
Oil on jute, signed
18 x 14 in
SKU: 12829g
The present painting is a small but impactful work by the Peruvian artist Ernesto Gutierrez. The image is tightly cropped around the figure of a guitar player, their hands in the act of strumming the strings. The figure wears a dark poncho and red scarf, and the brim of their hat hides their gaze. In the background, Gutierrez places the figure among repeating arches and sunlit columns, relating to the cubist fracturing of space typical of the artist's oeuvre. Paintings like this show the artist's observation of daily life on the streets of Peru, but at the same time elevate these figures with mystery and magic. 18 x 14 inches, artwork 27.75 x 23.5 inches, frame Signed in yellow paint, lower right Signed and entitled in ink, en verso Framed to conservation standards using a linen liner and gold gilded moulding