Poster for "Speedway", starring Elvis Presley and Nancy Sinatra, 1968
Original lithograph poster
61.75 x 45.75 in
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This poster for the 1968 film Speedway is an energetic and playful work of graphic design. The poster is dominated by vibrant magenta and yellow, making the image of Elvis Presley and Nancy Sinatra dancing pop off the page. The undulating line of the dancers behind the movie stars is mirrored by the line of the waving lines of text throughout the poster, thus unifying the composition. Printed for the French release of the film, the poster shows the international appeal of American pop culture during the postwar years.

In the film, Steve Grayson, played by Presley, is a generous NASCAR race car driver with a heart of gold who feels compelled to bail friends and acquaintances out of financial hardship. However, Steve's manager Kenny Donford, a compulsive gambler, had been mismanaging Steve's winnings to support his gambling habits, landing Steve in deep trouble with the IRS for nonpayment of back taxes and causing many of Steve's valuable possessions to be repossessed. This proves to be a problem for Steve in his efforts to continue racing competitively and support those who depend on his intense generosity. Susan Jacks, played by Sinatra, is the IRS agent assigned to keep tabs on Steve and apply his future prize money toward his $150,000 debt, but she becomes his romantic interest. 

61.75 x 41.75 inches, poster
67 x 50.75 inches, frame
Framed to conservation standards using archival materials including 100 percent rag mounting, UV5 Plexiglas to inhibit fading, and housed in a modern profile silver-finish wood moulding. 

Text on the poster reads:
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presente
Elvis Presley et Nancy Sinatra
A PLEIN TUBE "Speedway"
Avec Bill Bixby • Gale Gordon • Carl Ballantine 
Scenario de Phillip Shuken • Realization de Norman Taurog • Produit par Douglas Laurence
Panavision • Metrocolor 
Elvis Presley chante Speedway sur disque RCA Victor

Additional logos and text:
MGM logo, lower right 
"Visa Ministeriel no. 3237" lower right
"Lalands-Courset 91-Wissous" lower right