Wonder Mazhindu Bumhira- African (Shona)

Family, 2004
Sculpture, Opal serpentine
36 x 13.50 x 11 in
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'Family' is an original stone sculpture signed by Zimbabwean artist Wonder Mazhindu Bumhira. The composition is an example of the family groupings, with each figure arranged as though they were a flower in a bouquet, that are so desired from Shona sculptors. Though the figures are ambiguous and stylized, the figures are arranged using a hierarchy of scale: the matriarch (perhaps a grandmother) towers over the other members of her family, with her children and grandchildren below. Thusly, sculptures like this present a vision of family structure and unity.

opal stone (serpentine)
36 x 13.5 x 11 inches
signed 'W. Maz' along base

Overall good condition. Please contact us for a complete condition assessment.