Obert Mukumbi - African (Shona)

Fish Totem, 2003
Sculpture, Springstone
34.50 x 7 x 12 in
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'Fish Totem' is an original springstone sculpture by the Zimbabwean artist Obert Mukumbi. The sculpture presents an interactive and playful combination of subjects, both of which are beloved themes in the Shona tradition. As one faces the sculpture, they are presented at first with a pair of figures: an adult and child, one towering above the other. Surrounding them like a shawl is a mandorla-form, which emphasizes their tall upward posture and movement. This pair of figures emphasizes close relationships and family ties. As one walks around the sculpture, however, the almond shape transforms into the body of a boldly striped fish. This duality of human and animal brings mysticism and transformation to the sculpture and suggests the power and vitality of nature in sustenance and spirit. 

signed "Obert Mukumbi" along base
34.5 x 7 x 12 inches
Overall excellent condition with no signs of wear or damage.