Brian Nehumba - African (Shona)

Flamingo, 2004
Sculpture, Springstone
54 x 14 x 10 in
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'Flamingo' is an original springstone sculpture signed by the Zimbabwean artist Brian Nehumba. Brian was trained in the Shona stone carving tradition and this is an excellent example of his work, combining abstract and animal forms. Indeed, the sculpture could be described as animal interlace, as the legs of the flamingo entwine together to make a figure eight. The sculpture unites fauna and flora as, opposite the bird, is the form of a massive leaf. The abstract treatment of the bird and leaf allow them to encapsulate abstract and spiritual meanings and to connect the creatures of the world with its creator. Indeed, the sculpture resembles sculptures by Brian's younger brother Terence entitled 'Receiving Heavenly Blessing' where a human figure's head and hand emerge from the top of a similar figure-eight form.

54 x 14 x 10 inches
465 lbs
signed "Brian Nehumba" along bottom edge on reverse
acquired directly from the artist
overall good condition with some scattered minor scratches