Alphonse Mucha

From: Ilsée, Princess of Tripoli Recto: "Oasis Beetles" Verso: "Visiting Ilsee's Palace", 1897
Lithograph, rare proof before text, doublesided
8.50 x 6.63 in
SKU: 10823g
"From: Ilsée, Princess of Tripoli Recto: "Oasis Beetles" Verso: "Visiting Ilsee's Palace" is an original color lithograph by Alphonse Mucha. Exquisite double-sided color lithographs from "Ilsee, Princesse de Tripoli," a rare illustrated book. Original Color Lithograph, rare proof before the text.

Image: 8.5" x 6.63"
Framed: 19" x 16.63"
Framed to conservation standards in a double-sided frame to showcase both sides of the rare proof. Held in a gold finish ornate moulding and glazed in UF5 Plexiglass that filters 99% of UV rays to inhibit fading.

Alphonse Mucha is synonymous with Art Nouveau, a style of fine art, decorative art, and architecture that broke with the academicism of the 19th century in favor of florid lines inspired by the natural environment. A lithographed advertising poster he was commissioned to create for a play featuring the celebrated actress Sarah Bernhardt in 1894 catapulted him out of obscurity and brought him instant success as a commercial artist. Rendered in pale pastels, much of his work depicts beautiful young women draped in Neoclassical robes set amidst flowers, feathers, and other sensuous natural forms. He was celebrated not only for illustrating advertising posters, but also for painting, book illustrations, sculpting, and designing theater sets, jewelry, and wallpaper.

Frame included in price, additional framing options available