Reginald K. Gee

Go-for Notations, 1999
Acrylic on parchment paper, signed lower left
32.88 x 27.88 in
SKU: 10843c
In the acrylic painting 'Go-for Notations,' American artist Reginald K. Gee presents a humorous narrative in his unmistakable Neo-Expressionist style: a character, a man wearing a helmet riding or carrying a bicycle, appears three times in the composition – first riding a bicycle on a riverwalk, second running up a set of stairs, and third as a head with a bicycle wheel. The story is made clearer by the timestamped log entries along the left edge of the parchment, each notation revealing a moment in the delivery worker's day. Toward the bottom of the list, Gee has also included a map corresponding to the log entries, the locations on which seem to indicate this day-in-the-life is a complete construction of the artist rather than of a real place and real person.

acrylic on parchment
32.88 x 27.88 inches, artwork
42.88 x 37.88 inches, frame
Signed lower left

Framed to conservation standards using archival materials including 100 percent rag matting; housed in a modern profile gold finish wood moulding.
Artwork in excellent condition; some minor abrasions to surface of frame.