Al Capp

Golf, 1932
ink and graphite on paper
8.50 x 8.50 in
SKU: 12696g
This exquisite yet unfinished drawing by American cartoonist Al Capp, entitled 'Golf,' presents a humorous view of the beloved game. The composition depicts four men and two boys gathered around, apparently mid-game on the green. Of the figures, only the two boys are finished, along with the golf clubs at their feet – each masterfully inked in a series of contours and hatch-marks essential to twentieth-century cartooning. The other figures, drawn in pencil, are roughly sketched. It is truly in the faces of the figures, however, that Capp captures the satire of the scene: their exaggerated features and sly glances show the playfulness of their relationship and the competition at hand.

8.5 x 8.5 inches, drawing
9.5 x 9.5 inches, sheet
13.75 x 13.75 inches, frame
not signed
full provenance extending to artist
Overall good condition; some minor toning to paper edges.
Presented in a silver aluminum frame, mounted against black matboard, and protected behind glass.