Colleen Madamombe

Grandmother C-51, 2004
Sculpture, Black serpentine
28 x 15 x 10 in
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'Grandmother' is an original black serpentine sculpture by the celebrated second generation Shona artist Colleen Madamombe. The sculpture presents a character common to Madamombe's work: a woman with a round face and wearing a billowing, layered dress. Here, a woman leans on her cane, suggesting her old age. The imagery reminds of Madamombe's larger themes of womanhood, sisterhood, and matrilineage. As is so desired of her work, this sculpture is a play in texture: their faces and hands are polished and smooth, which is juxtaposed with the rough-hewn surfaces of the clothing and hair. 

black serpentine
28 x 15 x 10 inches
Signed along the base on the reverse
Acquired directly from the artist (C-51)
Excellent condition with no chips or signs of wear