Dan Muller

Holy Hill, 1995
Ink on paper
6 x 6 in
SKU: 8717c

"Holy Hill" is an original ink painting on paper by Dan Muller. The artist signed the piece lower left. This piece features an abstract depiction of a church in black and white. The church in question is a well known landmark of the Wisconsin countryside.

6" x 6" art
15 1/2" x 14 3/4" frame


Artist Bio:

Born in 1960 in Miles City, Montana, Dan spent most of his childhood in the Southern and central regions of Wisconsin. Dan's work is centered on the idea of using successive layers of transparent and opaque pigment along with pigment-impregnated rice paper to create a density of color that would not be possible solely by direct painting on the surface of the paper itself. He works to achieve an interplay of shapes and colors that will exist with equal freedom within that defined space while striving to obtain a feeling of expansiveness no matter what the actual scale piece is.