Helen Rundell

In the Rocking Chair (92/295), 1987
17 x 24 in
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"In The Rocking Chair" is a color lithograph by Helen Rundell. The artist signed the piece. This artwork features an orange cat sunning itself in a white wicker rocking chair. The chair has a handmade blanket and sits on a red brick path. This artwork is #92/295. Framed to conservation standards. Inlaid in 3-inch archival matboard, slim traditional moulding in a distressed bronze and silver finish. Glazed with UV Clear Glass that filters 99% of UV Rays in order to preserve the artwork. 17" x 24" art 25 5/8" x 33" frame Born in Baldwin, New York in 1935, Helen Rundell loved to draw the creeks and bay inlets of what was then a small country town, complete with its general store. Today, by working in an egg tempura medium, the artist achieves a detail usually discovered only by the lens of a camera capturing so many views of the Northeast while capturing our hearts. With uncompromising skill and a passion for detail, Helen Rundell has earned a reputation for being the most sought-after artist in the limited edition art market. Rundell succeeds in bringing her subjects to life with uncompromising precision, and an innate passion for accuracy. "In some ways, I consider myself an oddity; I don't endure the arduous task of applying detail, I enjoy it." Despite the exacting technical demands Rundell places upon herself, she attributes her international acclaim to the deep emotion she brings to her art. Helen Rundell's work reflects a superbly detailed observation of nature coupled with her exceptional printmaking prowess. Her art allows the viewer to experience the beauty of her natural surroundings, in particular the rugged and charming beauty of the coast, forests, fields and farms of Maine. Helen Rundell's art has merited her many prestigious awards and exhibits in American embassies on four continents. Helen Rundell's prints can be found in the private collections of Sam Snead, Byron Nelson, Ben Crenshaw, Curtis Strange, Tom Kite, Ray Floyd, former U.S. President Gerald R. Ford as well as such prestigious public collections as the Smithsonian Institute; the Nelson Rockefeller Collection; the National Museum of American Art, Washington, D.C.; and the National Military Academy at West Point.