Rene Magritte

La Bataille de l'Argonne (The Battle of Argonne) (128/275), 2011
14.87 x 18 in
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"La Bataille de l'Argonne" translated into English as "The Battle of Argonne". This is a lithograph print based after the 1959 painting.

René-François-Ghislain Magritte was born November 21, 1898, in Lessines, Belgium and died on August 15, 1967 in Brussels. He is one of the most important surrealist artists. Through his art, Magritte creates humor and mystery with juxtapositions and shocking irregularities. Some of his hallmark motifs include the bourgeois “little man,” bowler hats, apples, hidden faces, and contradictory texts.

Today René Magritte has two museums dedicated to his life and art, both in his home city of Brussels. The first of these is the René Magritte Museum, which is established in the home he and Georgette shared. This museum is biographical in nature and uses his life as a frame through which to understand his art. The other museum is The Magritte Museum, which is a part of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels. This museum has over two-hundred and fifty of his works and is centered on his artistic expression.

Artworks entirely made in France: from the production of the paper in Arches in the Vosges department, to the traditional lithographic printing process, one drawing for each different color, one color per press run.

The lithographs were authorized, supervised and validated by the ADAGP (Society of Authors in the Graphic and Plastic Arts) and by Mr. Charly Herscovici, President of the Magritte Foundation, Chairman of the Magritte Museum and unique representative of the Magritte Succession.

Each lithograph features the dry stamps of the Magritte Foundation & ADAGP and is countersigned in pencil by Mr. Charly Herscovici. A proof of edition is printed on the back of each lithograph, guaranteeing its authenticity.