Marshford Kanyemba - African (Shona)

Lady Creation, 2002
Sculpture, Opal serpentine
16 x 7 x 6.50 in
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'Lady Creation' is an original opal-stone sculpture by Zimbabwean artist Marshford Kanyemba, being a smaller and more intimate example of his work. In the sculpture, the beautifully polished face of a female figure peeks out from rough-hewn linear forms of her hair and clothing. Her hair points upward like a cone, lilting to one side as though the woman is striding forward. As so many Shona artists do, Kanyemba allows the natural shape of the stone influence the final appearance of the sculpture, marking a celebration of natural forms joined with artistic genius. opal stone (serpentine) not signed mounted to a base 16 x 7 x 6.5 inches, artwork 5.75 x 5.75 x 2.25 inches, base Overall excellent condition with no signs of wear