Chemedu Jemali- African (Shona)

Listening Friend, 2004
Sculpture, Springstone
46 x 13 x 10.50 in
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'Listening Friend' is an original springstone sculpture signed by the Zimbabwean artist Chemedu Jemali. The sculpture presents the head and torso of a figure, highly abstracted in Jemali's signature style: The figure's head leans to one side, eyes closed, as if carefully listening to the viewer. Like rippling sound waves, ridges cover half the figures face and body, each undulating and glistening with a polished surface. As the viewer walks around the sculpture, they can see that Jemali has left parts of the figure as natural stone, allowing the rough-hewn texture to create an exquisite contrast of surface with the mesmerizing polish. 

46 x 13 x 10.5 inches
Signed "Chemedu Jemali" along base, proper right