Wassily Kandinsky

Orientalisches From Klange Cat. Ref. Roethel 106, 1938
Original color woodcut in 3 colors, 2nd edition
5 x 7.50 in
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Text from 'Living with art: The Alexander Walker collection' (British Museum Press, 2020): First produced in 1911, this is one of fifty-six woodcuts that were included in Kandinsky’s book of prose poems 'Klänge' (Sounds), which was published in 1913 in an edition of 1,200. It relates to Kandinsky’s 1909 oil painting of the same title, which is now in the collection of the Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau in Munich. Printed from three blocks in red, blue and yellow, the woodcut depicts seated figures, with hills, domed buildings and minaret-style towers in the background, in a semi-abstract style. This impression was printed for the second edition in 1938 from the original block under the artist’s supervision and issued in Paris for the magazine 'XXe Siècle' From the second edition supervised by Kandinsky and issued in Paris for the magazine XXe Siècle, Paris 1938. Kandinsky had kept the blocks for the print in his studio from 1911.