Daniel Klewer

Paprika Prune, 2021
Acrylic with sawdust on canvas
16 x 16 x 1.50 in
SKU: 12742c
'Paprika Prune' is an excellent example of the paintings of Daniel Klewer. The painting is closely related to his series 'Linear Tactility', which explore the relationships of color and texture, but this painting takes on a different technique. Instead of allowing the paint to be thick and to be pulled outward from the canvas like the spines of a cactus, here Klewer has added sawdust to the paint. This results in a texture that reminds of colored sand, one that desires touch and play. Color relationships, texture, and a brushless paint application dominate the painting's surface, while also questioning the figure-ground relationship. At the same time, the vibrant colors draw the viewer back to the paintings’ surface. The title of this painting, 'Paprika Prune,' emphasizes the relationships we have to color and the other senses, looking to sensual materials like food and spices. 16 x 16 x 1.5 inches signed in ink on reverse unframed