Alayna Rose

Per l'avventura I, 2010
Mixed media on canvas
60 x 36 x 1.50 in
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'Per l'avventura I' is an exquisite and colorful abstract painting signed by the American artist Alayna Rose. The painting is a quintessential example of her work, borrowing the language of the Abstract Expressionists imbued with the bright color palette of the twenty-first century. The composition is dominated by Frankenthaler-esque fields of green, magenta, yellow and white, each translucent and layered one atop the other. At the same time, scattered throughout these fields are small Twombly-like scribbles and glyphs urging to add semiological meaning to an otherwise non-representational work. Indeed, the only recognizable and decipherable glyphs in the composition are the letters of the artist's signature itself, resting in the lower left corner. 60 x 36 x 1.5 inches, canvas unframed, canvas painted on all edges and can be displayed unframed Signed 'Alayna' lower left Signed, titled and dated in pencil and in ink on the reverse Overall excellent condition; some minor wear to corners of canvas edge