Carol Summers

Ravanna's Palace Burning (53/125), 1984
Woodcut in colors on Japanese paper
24.50 x 37.25 in
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"Ravanna's Palace Burning" is a woodcut signed by Carol Summers. The image combines landscape and architecture, which is typical of the works Summers produced during the 1980s and '90s. In the image, a dark building stands burning, bright red flames licking from the windows and rooftop. It stands beside an orange field framed in pink, probably representing a plaza. Beyond the plaza are multicolored trees, their branches reaching upward like the flames on the building. The playfulness of the image is enhanced by Summers' signature printmaking technique, which allows the ink from the woodblock to seep through the paper, blurring the edges of each form.

Art: 24.5 x 37.25 in
Frame: 30 x 42.75 in

Numbered 53 of the edition of 125