Carol Summers

Sierra Madre (6/75), 1972
Woodcut, in colors on Japanese paper
37 x 37 in
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"Sierra Madre" is a color woodblock signed by Carol Summers. As suggested by the title, the print teeters the line between Summers' fanciful landscapes and the traditional subject of a female nude. In the image, an elegant blue woman reclines upon a field of red, her gaze fixed on the viewer. Her left leg is bent upward, her knee creating the profile of a mountain. Between her legs is a rainbow, making the image overall a celebration of the female body. The playfulness of the image is enhanced by Summers' signature printmaking technique, which allows the ink from the woodblock to seep through the paper, blurring the edges of each form.

This print is numbered 6 of an edition of 75.
37 x 37 inches, artwork