Robert Richter

Strip Mall, 2013
Oil on wood
24 x 48 in
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This painting, 'Strip Mall,' contains the humor common to Robert Richter's oeuvre, presenting a view of the kind of strip mall and parking lot so common to contemporary life. Each storefront has the sign of the business contained within, from tax services and loan offices to a shipping company and a nutrition supplement retailer. Though it could reflect any such retail mall in the United States, this particular strip mall is located on the corner of West Gate Boulevard and William Cannon Drive in Austin, Texas. This banal urban architecture is the tongue-in-cheek subject that makes Richter's paintings so endearing an surprising. 

24 x 48 inches, painting
31 x 55 inches, frame
Titled, dated, signed in pencil & stamped with initial on verso
Housed in a frame of the artist's design and construction