Washington Msonza - African (Shona)

Sunbathing, 2004
Sculpture, Opal serpentine
26.50 x 36.50 x 12 in
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'Sunbathing' is an original stone sculpture by the Zimbabwean artist Washington Msonza. In the sculpture, a woman reclines nude and on the ground in a moment of relaxation under the sun. She holds a child on her lap and he two gaze at one another in a moment of bonding and adoration. This intimate composition reminds, on one hand, of the great painting 'Olympia' by the relist painter Édouard Manet by nature of the nude woman in repose. On the other, it also recalls the subject matter of the Impressionist painter Mary Cassatt, whose work often focused on domestic scenes of mothers and their children. All of these art historical references are nonetheless contained within the materiality of the serpentine stone itself, in which Msonza uses the polish and texture of the stone to capture skin and hair and the subtly of the figures' expressions. opal stone (serpentine) 26.5 x 36.5 x 12 inches 200+ lbs not singed Overall good condition; some minor surface abrasions. Sculpture may require preparation to be mounted or installed. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.