Charles Berg

The Calendar Wheel, 1976
Collage box assemblage
16.50 x 19.38 x 4.63 in
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'Calendar Wheel' is an original assemblage by the American artist Charles Berg. Within a divided drawer, Berg has assembled a variety of found objects: metal balls, a clock, a sheet of copper punched with the word 'wind,' a Victorian card of a woman, etc. The artwork takes its name, however, from a transparent 1935 calendar in the lower right. Berg here is following the tradition other artists who specialize in assemblage, including Joseph Cornell, Robert Rauchenberg, and Betye Saar, all artists who were working in the post-war era and whose work is celebrated today.

Can be displayed on a f;lat surface or hung on a wall
Objects protected behind a sheet of Plexiglas
Overall good condition; intentionally fabricated from objects with signs of age and distress; crack in Plexiglas lower left