Julia Taylor

The Escape Artist, 2019
22 x 20 in
SKU: 12545c
From the artist: Every year you can find a new tidbit about a red panda who escaped from the zoo somewhere in the world-sometimes in pairs, usually alone and sometimes never found. They are the size of a fluffy raccoon and love the snow. The red panda wraps itself in its beautiful fluffy tail like a fur coat. It can hide in trees for ever if it can find food. The panda primarily eats bamboo but can survive on other vegetation. These escapes spawned the “red panda effect” as it is known in psychology circles where people insist they have seen the escaped panda long after it is recaptured and sometimes sadly, found dead. In the last 18 years the red panda population in the wild has declined by 50% to an estimate of less than 10,000. Poaching, habitat loss and disease all contribute to the endangerment of the red panda. The red panda lives in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Myanmar. Let’s hope this escape artist can escape the pending fate of extinction except for those few in zoos. And the “Red Panda effect” is not the only way we see in the red panda in its natural habitat.