Sylvia Spicuzza

Two Women In Oriental Costume, c.1948
Color crayon, signed lower right
18 x 24 in
SKU: DB5188d

In this drawing, Sylvia Spicuzza presents the viewer with a bust-length view of two elegant women dressed in East Asian costume. Their faces reflect the ideal of beauty during the 1950s and '60s, with clean lipstick and downcast eyes, not unlike early Barbie dolls. At the same time, they appear much in the same way as Renaissance portraiture - the woman on the left in particular appears similar in her pose to Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa in her pose and the gesture of her hand. The two figures are framed with foliage and rolling hills can be seen in the distance.

18 x 24 inches, artwork
22.5 x 28 inches, frame
Signed "Spicuzza, Sylvia" lower right