Robert Richter

Winter Tree, 2015
Oil on wood
48 x 36 in
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In this painting, Robert Richter depicts a view of a park during the winter months, the image dominated by the massive form of a leaf-bare tree. The skeletal form of the tree resembles the network of veins within a leaf, calling to the renewal of the summer months ahead. The painting works as a counter-image to Richter's 'High Summer,' also available from the David Barnett Gallery, showing a similar view of a massive tree bushy with foliage. Whereas many of his paintings use deep and richly saturated color, here he treats the landscape more delicately, using a monochrome of yellow ocher to tone the bright white of winter. 

48 x 36 inches, painting
55 x 43 inches, frame
Titled, dated, signed in pencil & stamped with initial on verso
Housed in a frame of the artist's design and construction