Alain Le Yaouanc

Alain Le Yaouanc, born on May 18, 1940 in Alençon, is an artist-painter, draftsman, sculptor, poet, writer, collagist, illustrator, painter of stage sets. Le Yaouanc is linked to surrealism. Le Yaouanc staying for the first time the USA in 1956, school Harmon Hall in York Harbour, Maine is at the time it executes its first drawings and paintings. In 1957, first exhibitions: in New Britain (Side Walk Art Show), the Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury, Connecticut, and the gallery Prigent in Rouen, in November of that year. In 1958, he took courses at the Art Students League of New York (there are obtained the second prize with other students for the representation of the "Luncheon Boaters", Edouard Manet, a tableau vivant) and installs its the first workshop at No. 8 Amsterdam Avenue. He settled in Paris in 1965, makes his first collages and meets André Breton and Alejandro Jodorowsky. He participated in numerous exhibitions and later began his work on architectural monuments.
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