Catherine Holmburg

Holmburg is a native of Wisconsin.The combination of her vision and technique results in a richness and depth of surface suggesting contemporary version of Jan Vermeer's, the great Dutch master. "Artists such as Vermeer, Avery and O'Keefe are inspirations to me", Catherine notes. " I admire the glazed quality of Vermeer's paintings, the simplicity and strong compositions of Avery's work and the sensuality O'Keefe achieves with oil paint." She enjoys experimenting with each surface through glazing, rubbing and impasto techniques using mixed media of watercolor, pastel, acrylic and oil. Holmburg's themes include landscape and still life with mood. The technique Holmburg uses ranges from delicate transparent layering of oil colors to thick impasto strokes. She tends to paint large scale works (30"-50") on paper. Holmburg's studies and travel have inspired her to paint images that range from contemporary still life painting based on 17th century European masters to landscape paintings of the National Parks she has lived in and visited that are painted in a style similar to Joseph Mallord William Turner. Holmburg has a BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and a MFA from the Claremont Graduate School. Exhibitions David Barnett Gallery Milwaukee, Wisconsin Kohn Turner Gallery West Hollywood, California Peggy Phelps Gallery Clarement, California Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design Milwaukee, Wisconsin Charles Allis Art Museum Milwaukee, Wisconsin Education Claremont Graduate University Claremont, California MFA 1998 Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1996
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