Charles Dwyer

Charles Dwyer was born in West Bend, WI in 1961. Graduated in 1984 from Milwaukee School of Art, where he studied fine arts, painting and printmaking. Restoration Specialist from 1986-1998. Currently maintains a studio in Milwaukee, WI Featured early in his career in a variety of galleries across the United States, Charles Dwyer's national acclaim was catapulted in 1996 when his first New York solo exhibition was sold out. The following year, Dwyer was commisssioned to create the official poster for Chicago's first fine arts exposition, ARTEXPO'93. Simultaneously, Dwyer joined by invitation the representation of Special Editions Limited of Chicago, which added Dwyer to a succession of important artists, this organization (a Division of Playboy Enterprises), had represented throughout the explosive American contemporary art movement - spanning such artists as Any Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, etc. Currently, Dwyer is at the mid-point in a career punctured by extensive solo exhibitions defining various developmental stages driven by a thorough understanding of line.
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