Dudzai Mushawepwere - African (Shona)




Dudzai was born in 1974 in Mutoko. He is the last born in a family of four. He is the younger brother of sculptor Tendai Mushawapwere. Dudzai grew up in Chitungwiza, a high-density suburb just outside Harare, where he completed his primary education. Dudzai showed early signs of artistic creativity while at school. He started his sculpting career in 1990 when he was taken on by the sculptor John Type as his assistant. He worked with John for two years sculpting contemporary visual art under his supervision and then set up on his own as a full time sculptor.

He is inspired to sculpt by his ancestors who were also artists. Through his research and interests in African culture, he found that his cultural history was becoming defunct in sculpting and he wanted to revive this art form by teaching himself as well as others. The most effective way he found to let the people of his origin know the importance of their culture was through sculpture. There he explores themes ranging from day to day activities to cultural history and visiting places of interest. Today, his sculptures can be found in galleries in Germany, Belgium, Holland, the U.K. and the U.S.


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