Eduardo Chillida

EDUARDO CHILLIDA was born the 10th of January of 1924 in San Sebastian (Spain). His first exhibition was in Paris in 1950. In this year he marries Pilar Belzunce. He has received almost all the existing prices throughout his life: from the Biennial of Venice to the Kandinsky, from the Wilhem Lehmbruck to Prince de Asturias, from the German Kaiserring to the Imperial Price in Japan. His work is present in more than twenty museums worldwide, and retrospective exhibitions have been celebrated in Houston and Berlin, Madrid and Caracas, London and Palermo. His sculptures are in front of the sea like in San Sebastián, or in the mountain like in Japan, and in cities like Washington, Paris, Lund, Munster, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Guernica or Berlin. About his work have written architects, mathematicians, philosophers like Martín Heideggeer and Emile Cioran, or poets like Octavio Paz. BIOGRAPHY 1924 was born the 10th of January in San Sebastián. 1947 leaves the architecture studies 1948 transfer to Paris to dedicate itself to sculpture 1950 first exhibition in Paris 1958 receives the Great Price of Sculpture of the Biennial of Venice 1960 receives the Kandinsky Price 1966 first retrospective in the Museum of Houston. Gran Price of Fine Arts of Renania-Westfalia 1971 named professor of the University of Harvard 1975 receives the Rembrandt price of the Foundation Goethe. Designs the logo of the University of the Basque Country 1981 receives the Gold Medal of the Fine Arts, Madrid 1983 Europe Price of the Fine Arts, Strasbourg 1984 receives the Great Price of the Arts of France 1985 receives the Kaiserring of the city of Gosslar. Price Richard Wolf Parliament of Israel 1987 price Prince of Asturias of the Arts. Receives the Price Lorenzo il Magnifico of Florence 1989 Honorary Architect by the Superior Council of Architects 1991 receives the Imperial Price of Japan 1992 retrospective in San Sebastián 1994 named Academic of Fine Arts of Madrid 1995 named member of the Academy of Boston and New York 1997 doctor honoris cause by the School of Engineers of Bilbao 1999 retrospective in the Museo Reina Sofía and the Guggenheim Bilbao 2000 monument in the Chancellery of Berlin. Inauguration of the Museo Chillida-Leku in Hernani. Doctor Honoris cause by the Complutense University. 2002 Pass away on August 19th in San Sebastian.

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