Estherly Allen



Estherly Allen is from Wisconsin and currently lives in Arizona with her sculptor husband, Gene Galazan. She has a M.F.A. in drawing and painting, and her work is in private collections as well as in several art museums. She was a student of George McNeil.

Artist's Statement: Walking outside my door bordering the Prescott National Forest I gather objects in the landscape and on the path of everyday life. It is impossible not to find a treasure. This is the impetus and fuel I use to build my mixed media sculptures and collages. With the addition of wire, adhesives, paper, and more, new forms emerge in a spirited improvisational dance. A no-thought logic brings direction into focus. Propelled by this intuitive freedom the unconscious reveals endless curious beautiful worlds of figures, faces, and places. The real becomes abstracted, the unconscious evokes the surreal. Ease and connection from the inside out reinforce the foundation of my oneness with nature and my creative process.

1942 Born - Milwaukee, WI

1965 B.S. - Art Education, UW-Milwaukee, WI

1967 M.S. - Art Education, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

1976 M.F.A. - Master of Fine Arts, Drawing & Painting, UW-Milwaukee, WI


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