Felix Mlungisi - African (Shona)

Felix Mlungisi was born on the 26th of August 1980 in the Lowveld region of Zimbabwe, Masvingo Province. He attended school in the Sugar Estate School, Hippo Valley until 'O' level. In 1998, after completing school, he worked in the sugar plantations for one year. Felix was drawn to art by his mother who had relatives in the art business such as Gladman Zinyeka, her uncle. In 1999, he traveled to Harare where he joined Rangarirai Makunde as an assistant until 2003. He got much inspiration from the works of Gladman Zinyeka and admired his style of creativity and concentration in the finishing lines. He didn't work with Gladman, but visited his place often. While he first learned through observation, later he realized he had a talent within. It is communication through stone that brings ideas of sculptures, images of things he sees every day, "hence art is life itself."

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