George Reiter Brill

George Brill was born August 27, 1867 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to William Henry Brill of Darmstadt, Germany and his wife Elizabeth. He was an illustrator and painter educated at the Spring Garden Institute in Pittsburgh. He also trained at the Pennsylvania Academy of fine Arts and Cusachs and Boss. He was a member of the fellowship of Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and Associated Artists of Pittsburgh. He was the illustrator and author of "Rhymes of the Golden Age". Brill was one of the better-known American illustrators in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His drawings were often featured in major northeastern newspapers, especially New York and Philadelphia newspapers. He was especially known for his poster art. His illustration subjects included crime, wickedness, and politics as well as more mundane matters. He also had a softer side. We have noted, for example, some particularly beautiful drawings of early 20th century children. He also wrote the words for children's songs such as "Bringing in the Hay". Source:
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