Giampietrino may have worked in Milan from 1493 to 1540. He was a follower of Leonardo--faithfully modeling figures with dreamy expressions. He frequently painted female mythological figures and Biblical women and especially favored subjects "half-draped". Giampietrino, for a long time known by no other name, was a very prolific painter. There has been some disagreement about the full name of this artist, but now Giampietrino is identified predominantly with Giovanni Pietro Rizzoli, who is known through documents. Giampietrino has been regarded as a talented painter who contributed substantially to the distribution of the late style of Leonardo da Vinci. He copied numerous masterpieces by Leonardo, as well as leaving behind numerous capable original compositions of his own. Many of his works are preserved in multiple versions of the same subject. For example, Giampietrino did a few paintings of St. Catherine with different compositions.
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