James Coignard

Painter of still lifes; Mised Media Painter; Collages; Sculptor; Engraver; Expressionistic style, later Abstract style James Coignard was born in Tours in France in 1925 and studied art at the Ecole des Arts Decoratifs in Nice. Throughout the years James Coignard has exhibited in all major galleries and museums in the world. His work is characterised by graphic patches of paper sometimes stitched together by thread. Born in Tours, France in 1925, the abstract artist James Coignard studied at the Ecole des Arts DÈcoratifs in Nice, and later apprenticed under the well-known painter Marchand des Raux. In both his mixed media on canvas and his works on paper, James Coignard is known for his technical versatility. Coignard achieves a deep, heavy texture as a distinctive trait in his art.The carborundum process of printmaking was developed by Henri Goetz in the 1960's. Goetz taught Miro, Max Papart, Clave, Coignard and others the use of carborundum for printmaking. EXHIBITIONS AND MUSEUMS British Museum, London Dublin Museum, Dublin Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe Phoenix Art Museum Musee d'Art Moderne, San Francisco Israel Museum, Jerusalem Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris Gallery Goetz, Stuttgart International Art Fairs, Basel, Chicago, New York Flamingo Grafik, Falkenberg Gallerie L'Obsidienne, Paris
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