Jean-Marie Michel Libeaux (Mich)

Jean-Marie Michel Liebeaux 1 says Mich (1881-1923) is a caricaturist , a poster designer and a French cartoonist, who enjoyed some success in the early twentieth century , then in the 1920s . Summary 1 Biography 2 works 3 References 4 Bibliography 5 External links Biography Born in Périgueux on July 3rd, 1881, Michel Liebeaux studied painting in Nantes . A horse lover, he does his military service in the cavalry. Student of the painter Cauldron [Which one?] , He begins by publishing small local satires. In 1904, he moved to Paris where his drawings were inspired by the style of Sem , born like him in Périgueux, less acidic. Became a poster artist and cartoonist under the name of Mich , serving many brands, mainly related to the world of the cycle and the automobile: besides the poster for embrocation Chanteclair (1910), he is the father of the man pen for Onoto and remover with his dog for Hutchinson tires. He was behind several posters for major car manufacturers, especially for Citroën . As early as 1907 , he proposed a new album entitled À l'automobile , in the form of portraits of prominent personalities like Louis Vuitton , or Camille Jenatzy 2 . He also contributes to the periodicals L'Echo de Paris , Fantasio and La Vie Parisienne . In 1912 , he exhibited at the Salon des humoristes fifty drawings of famous sportsmen. After 1918 , he became draftsman for the great sports daily of the time, L'Auto . Liébaux died at La Jaille-Yvon , Maine-et-Loire , in 1923 . He was married on May 6, 1913 in Nantes with Marie-Anne de Messey 3 . The National Museum of Sport keeps several posters and models of Mich 4 . The Breton County Museum (Quimper), presents the stained glass drawn by Mich for the former restaurant at Quimper station. He also keeps his poster for the brand "Taillan, great wine Cinchona".
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