Marjorie Mau

Artist's Statement: "My works are about the act of painting and drawing, how the material moves and layers, is added to and subtracted from. While this process may seem enough, it is through the working of surfaces and transformation of symbols the images find their clarity. In the removal of paint, in unpainting, it is unexpected for there to be more; but I have come to know presence in this absence. Underlays of paint have all the windswept and scraped landscape features of the windrowed fields of the Midwest. Ever present horizontals countered with verticals are made real through linear overlays. Long interested in land as place and as a reservoir of form, aerial flights over midsections of the country provide microcosms of line, shape and space from what was expansive. Working alternately between painting and drawing leads to series of works, mindful that my next work is almost always generated from the last. It is here that my desire to paint as I draw reverses itself; and I unsuspectingly draw as I paint, moving the materials of drawing as I do paint, the same commitment to line, surface and edge holding true. That I have adopted vessel forms of enclosure and containment from the map of aerials and have extracted fluted ceramic vessels into painted surfaces, speaks to the connection I have with these glazed vestiges. A rhythm moves through my studio as I work, repetition of line and form taking on the same pattern of breathing. What is reduced in the practice of making leaves room for that eloquent mystery of stillness. What remains is revealed in a porous yet orderly balance." Education Bachelor of Arts, Honors University of Wisconsin Green Bay 1979 Continued Study in Painting University of Wisconsin Green Bay 2001-2002 Continuing Workshops Anderson Ranch, Colorado Enrique Martinez Celaya 2006 Gregory Amenoff, Lawrence Rinder, Ann Lautenbach 2005 Jane Hammond; Squeak Carnwath; 2003-2004 Timothy Berry; Emily Cheng Peninsula Art School, Wisconsin: Wendell Arneson 1996-2007 UW Green Bay: Encaustic Painting: Kristy Deetz 2008 Professional History Ad Hoc Instructor, Drawing University of Wisconsin Green Bay 1999 Gallery Staff Edgewood Orchard Galleries, Fish Creek, WI 1990-1993 Special Project Coordinator, Curatorial Staff John Michael Kohler Art Center Sheboygan, Wisconsin 1989-1990 Associate Curator of Art & Ad Hoc Instructor Exhibition Development & Design, University of Wisconsin Green Bay 1984-1987 Collections (A Selection) Aid Association for Lutherans, Appleton, Wisconsin American Express Financial, Green Bay, Wisconsin R. W. Baird & Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Cramer, Multrop, Curran Law Firm, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Cuna Mutual Insurance, Madison, Wisconsin First Wisconsin Bank, Waunakee, Wisconsin Fort Howard Foundation, Green Bay, Wisconsin Galman & Lepow Design, Cherry Hill, New Jersey Hatch Temporary Services, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Little Rapids Paper Corporation, Green Bay, Wisconsin M & I Bank, Milwaukee, Wisconsin MacDonald Corporation, Oakbrook, Illinois Motorola Corporation, Chicago, Illinois Mutual Insurance, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Neville Public Museum, Green Bay, Wisconsin Northland Insurance Company, St. Paul, Minnesota Northwest Mutual Insurance, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Park Bank, Madison, Wisconsin Persoft Corporation, Madison, Wisconsin Planning Association, Madison, Wisconsin Republic Savings & Loan, Milwaukee, Wisconsin St. Luke Hospital, Milwaukee, Wisconsin San Diego National Bank, San Diego, California Schidler Group, Chicago, Illinois Stafford, Rosenbaum Law Firm, Madison, Wisconsin Strauss Printing Company, Madison, Wisconsin University Hospitals, Madison, Wisconsin University of Wisconsin Madison University of Wisconsin Green Bay Exhibitions (A Selection) 2008 Abstract Work in Series, Woodwalk Gallery, Egg Harbor, WI 2008 Collection Invitational, Francis Hardy Center for the Arts, Ephraim, WI 2006 Drawn In: Wisconsin Artists Invitational Miller Art Museum, Sturgeon Bay, WI 2006 Exploring the Wisconsin Landscape: Four Directions, Lawton Gallery, UWGreen Bay, WI 2005 About the Land – MB Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2004 Abstraction, Woodwalk Gallery, Fish Creek, Wisconsin 2004 Common Ground, Francis Hardy Center for the Arts, Ephraim, Wisconsin 2003 ArtMilwaukee: Festival of Art + Ideas - Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2003 Wisconsin Artists Biennial - Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors, University of Wisconsin Madison 2002 Unconventional Wisconsin - University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, Wisconsin 1995 The Gift - solo exhibit of illustrations, process of bookmaking, Neville Public Museum, Green Bay, WI 1994 Formed and Fired: A Ceramics Invitational - Neville Public Museum, Green Bay, Wisconsin 1989 New Works: Marjorie Mau/Marilyn Hart - Grace Chosy Gallery, Madison, Wisconsin 1988 Explorations in Paper and Clay: A Group Show - Banaker Gallery, Walnut Creek, California 1988 Hands Making Paper Exhibition - Katie Gingrass Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1988,83 Feature Exhibition - Edgewood Orchard Galleries, Fish Creek, Wisconsin 1988 Ceramic Dimensions: Crafts in the New Age - Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI 1985,86 Faculty Exhibition - University of Wisconsin Green Bay, Green Bay, Wisconsin 1986 Festival of the Lakes - Grace Chosy Gallery, Madison, Wisconsin 1986 The Box - Grace Chosy Gallery, Madison, Wisconsin 1986 Reflections: The Inner Image - Wita Gardiner Gallery, San Diego, California 1985 Screens - Selected artists from The Seuferer Chosy Gallery, Madison, Wisconsin 1985 Wisconsin Survey: Three Dimensional Art Today - University of Wisconsin, Madison 1984 Women and the Arts: Wisconsin - Three-artist exhibit, University of Wisconsin Platteville 1984 Symphony Show House Exhibit - Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1984 Milking the Sacred Cow: A Salute to Wisconsin's Dairyland - Wustum Museum, Racine 1984 Sculptural Forms - Cumberland Gallery, Nashville, Tennessee 1983 Chicago Vicinity Clay - Lill Street Gallery, Chicago, Illinois 1983 Wisconsin Ceramic Showcase - David Barnett Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1983 Utilitarian Mud - Wisconsin Clay Artists, Milwaukee Art Museum 1983 The Softer Side of Ceramics: Curt Heuer/Marjorie Mau - University of WI Parkside, Racine 1983 10th Annual Corporation Show - Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, Minnesota 1982 What's New in Clay - University of Houston, Texas 1982 Trends in Porcelain - A.R.T. Clay Company, Elk Grove Village, Illinois 1981 1981 National Cone Box Show - Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana Publications Illustrator of Children's Books: The Gift, authored by Robert F. Morneau Kodomo Press, Stillwater, Minnesota 1994 The Tale From Paleface Creek, authored by Robert F. Morneau Paulist Press, Mahwah, New Jersey 2000 Gallery Affiliation Woodwalk Gallery, Egg Harbor, Wisconsin

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