Nigel Matenga- African (Shona)

Nigel Matenga was born on April 4, 1978 at St. Mary's marinet home in Chitungwiza. He was the first born in a beautiful family of three boys and a single girl. Since I'm not exactly sure what he meant in his bio so I'm just copying it for you. I corrected the spelling mistakes when I knew what he was trying to say. Beyond that, you can interpret for yourselves. "My artistic history sprouts way back in 1995 when I completed my secondary education. Respectively, after an academically toil laden era at high school, I happily discovered that I was a rose of budding stone sculpture diligence. Arguably these artistic powers, I strongly believe, began to reign supreme when I was still in my mothers' womb and subsequently when I made my first birth cry. Notwithstanding, this discovery arguably gave me yet another ungorating status, so to speak, a prestigious yet merinos honor best owed to exceptional class of mankind. A role model and eye of society who equally executes profound illuminating virtues to his society in general and contemporary peers in particular, through stone sculpture our art of nature which depicts all sorts of life; the unseen, the unknown, the good, the bad controversial to emaculate and furthermore mould their lives and future through my works."
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