Paco Huacuja

Artist Statement: "I am Mexican, born in Coyoacán, Federal District, on September 26, 1961.I am a Mexican professional artist dedicated mainly to painting. In my childhood and until adolescence, I resided in the states of Tamaulipas and San Luís Potosí, in their huasteca zone.I also attended theater, drawing and art history classes for a couple of years, at the Potosino Institute of Fine Arts. I discovered at that time, my vocation for art and to finish my baccalaureate in the UASLP, I moved to the city of Mexico City, to study in a professional way, the arts career. I graduated from the National School of Painting Sculpture and Engraving, "La Esmeralda". On numerous occasions I have exposed my work in Mexico and abroad. I have been selected to participate in group competitions, biennials and national and international shows, Young Art meetings, etc. and also my work has been promoted by various national galleries and abroad. Since the year 2000 I am located in the city of San Luis Potosi Mexico."

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